Screw the moon, to the nebula!

Kansas City

Club Mustache

Good times. Our buddies Josh and Jeff from Bent Left run a punk house that rivals a lot of clubs we’ve played. We’re going back to play with Nothington in October. William wasn’t there unfortunately, but we toasted in his honor and hid angel dust in his room. We played with Wildcat Revival from Alabama, and Steddy P from KC. Wildcat Revival was a proggy hardcore act that at times sounded like At The Drive In, but definitely had a sound of it’s own. Good stuff. Steddy P busted out some kick ass rhymes and made the everclear punch go down even easier than before. We filmed about four hours of nonsense and music that Brad boiled down to three minutes. Jonathan gets most of the face time, but it is well worth it.

*side note- The bottle of 90 proof Peppermint Schnapps was stolen, but replaced the next day with a 101 proof version that was appropriately called The Thunder. Thanks Jason. Cheers.


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