Disappointment, days off and redemption


18 dates in 23 days. Well make that 16 dates in 23 days. Iowa completely fell through and the club in Lincoln (Box Awesome) closed down. So after a tour kickoff and one show in Kansas City we suddenly have three days off before Denver. This is a minor hiccup but we are nonetheless bummed that we have to sit around. Static. Collecting dust and probably spending money. Back up arrangement are made and suddenly we are going to Lincoln regardless. We’ll stay with Dally’s high school friend Mitchell and then head to Imperial Nebraska to stay with Merchy’s mom for a couple of days.

We get to Lincoln in the late afternoon and procure supplies for the night. These consist of beer, cigarettes and Runza’s (if you don’t know what a Runza is, google it and eat one next time you’re in NE or Colorado…delicious). There really isn’t much to say after that except The Thunder made a late night appearance and things got a little sloppy. I filmed about three hours of footage but only about ten seconds made it to the webisode. Fun and comfort were the words of day…

Days off

So hung over, tired and smelling of illicit substances we hit the highway for the 5 hour drive to Imperial. If you’ve ever made this drive, and I’m willing to wager most you haven’t, you know that there is absolutely nothing to look at other than corn. Time slows to a snail’s pace and every muscle in your body screams for physical activity. Shitty.

We get there in time for a delicious feast of sloppy joe’s and other heart healthy fare such as scalloped potatoes and potato chips (I don’t really eat beef but evidently that is all anyone in western Nebraska eats…seriously, I didn’t want to offend the lady and I needed to eat but damn it was seriously agonizing), and I don’t think I need to mention that there was a pitcher of sweet tea on the table ( I don’t drink sweet tea either so yeah, my picky ass was having troubles). More beer and whiskey blah blah blah…. But the best part of this set up was the accommodations. We basically had the whole basement to ourselves and this basement was bigger than my house. Three bedrooms, a full bath, laundry room, kitchenette and a flat screen flanked by some of the most comfy furniture I’ve ever had the pleasure of placing my ass.

Next day. Hung over. Screw you sun! Slept so good I didn’t move from initial sleeping position all night. We decide to head to the public pool at the center of town. If the town wasn’t aware of our presence before, they new after we hit the water. We are loud. We laugh…a lot. There are tattoos and beards. It was a little unsettling being around a bunch of third graders. But everyone ended up being nice and the diving board was a blast.


I should point out that Imperial is Dally’s home town. Population 1700. Good people, friendly and welcoming. And everyone there wanted to shake Dallas’ hand. This posed a problem because Cool Boob’s right hand has a broken bone in it so the customary greeting was difficult for him to pull off. I point this out because a fortuitous happening occurred. While walking back from the pool with The Snow Cobra, Dally runs into an old friend from high school who offers us a chance to play at the Eagle’s club that night. Normally we’d be sitting around getting drunk but this offered us an opportunity to get some pre-Denver practice in and drink free all night. Might even make some money too. Well we did it and I’d be remiss if I didn’t say that I was NOT into the idea at all. And at first it was awkward. A lot of old people used to listening to Waylon Jennings on the jukebox does not usually make for a good punk crowd, but fuck, I’m constantly surprised by the people we connect to when we play. Maybe it was the prodigal son’s return, maybe we just melted their faces, but either way we had a blast, made a lot of friends and walked out of the club without having to pay a tab. Sold a $120 in merch as well.Good times.

I’m writing from The Three Kings Tavern in Denver and we’re going to be playing in about an hour and a half. The crowd is pretty sparse but we’re excited for this tour to really begin. Should have a recap of tonight some time tomorrow depending on how many hours of meaningless footage I generate between now and then. We’ll see…

Enjoy the video and please forgive the brief glimpse of my lily-white ass. I practically begged for Brad to leave it out but I guess if you’re going to honestly portray something you’re going to have to deal with a little butt cheek.

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